Dear bills, consumers: “Increases in sight, extend protected market”

The alarm of the associations on prices

For electricity and gas bills, consumer associations are asking for an extension of the protected market. If Nomisma’s estimates were confirmed, the National Consumers Union writes in a note, a 12% increase in the electricity bill ”would mean increasing the bill of a typical family in the protected market of 77 euros on an annual basis, bringing it to 721 euros, assuming constant prices for one year. While a 9% increase in gas prices would cause it to take off the bill of 114 euros, making it rise to 1,381 euros“. “Serious increases, but less than those that have so far occurred in free, as attested by Istat data”, underlines the association. ”This is why it is urgent to postpone the end of protection”. According to the study by the National Consumer Union, which processed Istat data, from December 2021 to August 2023, the latest data available, gas on the protected market fell by 15, 6%, that of the free has risen by 48.8%, the light of the protected has so far decreased by 8.8%, that of the free has taken off by 74.4%.