Dear bills, Conte: “Predictable, M5S has the right to claim solutions”

The former premier: “We have been looking for a dialogue with the government for 7 months”

“We have been looking for an interlocution with the government for 7 months, we have brought some proposals why the high bill was already foreseeable from last March. We met Draghi several times to press him, we have every right to continue to formulate our proposals, to claim solutions and attention that has not been there until now “. Thus the leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conte, speaking on the sidelines of the Fornaci Rosse Festival of Vicenza.

The extra-profit rule “was badly written – attacks the former prime minister – They wrote that 9 billion had to be obtained, they only got one billion. That rule must be rewritten, we have been saying it for some time but they do not listen to us. And then they say it is the government of the best … I expect from the government of the best that a norm is well written “.

Returning then to the electoral competition, Meloni and Fdi “I don’t think they represent a danger to democracy – he says in contrast to what has been repeated several times by Enrico Letta’s Pd – but a strong threat to the future of this country. They are political forces – Conte insists – that do not envisage adequate solutions for the future “. The naval blockade! The Fdi candidate Nordio, “who would be their minister of justice in pectore, has already said that the naval blockade is nonsense. Fortunately, they don’t agree on anything within them “.

As for the breakdown of the Pd-M5S alliance “it was one the behavior of the leaders of the Democratic Party is very disappointing“but” with hindsight – Conte reflects – I realize that there were signs that should have alerted us “.

“You can think anything you want but the M5S is a genuinely progressive force“. We are in a position to tell a genuine left-wing electorate”, assures the former prime minister, that with us “they will find authentic interpreters of a progressive agenda”.

The problems of young people are not solved with a dowry – he also states here as opposed to the Pd proposal -. These are structural problems that require structural interventions, and not one-off initiatives that make a lot of scene “.

And the young people, at least here at the Festival, welcome him warmly: “We offer beer to him for everything he has done“, they say to a Count” honored by this invitation from so many young people “.