Dear bills, the French recipe against sting prices

The extension of the tariff shield introduced in 2021 for gas and in 2022 for electricity is expected

Generalized measures for consumers to limit increases in bills to 15% on average, around 20-25 euros a month (therefore within 300 euros a year) until the end of June or for the whole year, depending on the case. This is the French recipe against high bills, while in Italy consumer associations are sounding the alarm for the sting of almost 2 thousand euros for the gas increase announced by the Arera (+23.3% in December) and the however, the government allocates 2/3 of the budget’s resources (21 billion) against energy price increases.

France’s arsenal against the increases has provided for the extension of the tariff shield introduced in 2021 for gas and in 2022 for electricity. This measure, as indicated by the government, will limit the rise in bills to an average of 15%, +25 euros per month for families that heat up with gas and +20 euros for electricity. Without this device, the average increase would have been around 200 euros a month for gas and 180 euros for electricity.

If the Hexagon applied the tables of the French Arera, the Energy Regulatory Commission (Cre), the average level of regulated gas tariffs on 1 December 2022 would have been 122% higher than that in force on 1 October 2021 , as regards electricity, it would have risen by more than 30% compared to the level at the end of 2021. As for the beneficiaries, it is a generalized measure: the tariff shield applies to residential consumers (who consume less than 30 MWh/year) and to co-ownerships with an individual natural gas supply contract. Both users with fixed and variable tariffs benefit from it. As for the timing, the extension is extended to the whole of 2023 for electricity, until 30 June 2023 for gas.