Dear bread, Assipan: “More courage is needed at more than 1,350 companies”

The alarm cry of the bakers. The president of Assipan Antonio Tassone: “New increases on the horizon on flour prices up to + 10% in October”

“We have little time, only 50 days, to prevent Italian bakers from suspending or even closing their businesses.” The alarm cry of the bakers from the president of Assipan-Confcommercio, Antonio Tassone, returns to be heard, on behalf of the thousands of employees, present on the Italian territory, at the news of the average increases of + 18% of bread detected by Eurostat at August in Europe and 13.6% in Italy, mainly due to high energy prices. “We produce basic necessities, we cannot pass on increases in management prices, such as energy and raw materials, on the finished product, to consumers. In fact, in our category – he explains – there is a great deal of social responsibility, some question the survival of the company. rather than increasing bread by 15% “.

“We are confident in the wide range of action of the Aid Ter decree – he adds – but we need more courageous maneuvers, a deviation, to overcome the immediate emergency that is putting a strain on 1,350 companies in the bakery sector that risk closing. Liquidity is decreasing and in the absence of timely interventions the sector can be cut down “.

And worrying about new hikes on the horizon in flour prices. “For thousands of years we have been making bread with flour, wheat is not our reference term but flour. And the flours supplied by millers have increased by 150% in 13 months. Unfortunately, the results of the last harvest and the increase in bills makes us fear an increase in flour between 6 and 10% in October “says Tassone, commenting on what has been reported by some consumer and farmer associations who remark that wheat affects the final price of bread for about 10% %.