Dear electricity and gas bills, Germany launches a 65 billion euro plan

The level of gas storage facilities in the country has exceeded 85%

Germany launches a plan against expensive electricity and gas bills. The parties that make up the ruling coalition in Germany have agreed on a support plan for over 65 billion euros against expensive living. In the country, as in many other European states, the purchasing power of the population is shrinking due to skyrocketing energy prices and soaring inflation.

Meanwhile, the level of gas storage facilities in Germany has exceeded 85%, the German Ministry of Economy reported on Twitter.

The German government had established by decree that the 85% threshold should be reached by 1 October, so the goal was achieved a month in advance. However, the fill levels may drop again.

According to the director of the Federal Association of Industry Operators Ines, Sebastian Bleschke, the storage facilities will continue to be filled as Germany currently receives much more gas from Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands. However, Bleschke points out, “if the Russian gas supply were to be permanently interrupted, the next target of 95% filling by November 1 could only be achieved with a lot of effort”.