Dear electricity and gas bills, sting for families: here are the figures

Assoutenti: the energy bill is likely to exceed 5,000 euros per family in 2023

Every Italian family today finds itself paying 1,231 euros more than in 2020 only for electricity and gas bills, with energy expenditure increasing overall by + 92.7% in the two-year period 2021-2022. The data comes from Assoutenti, which has carried out a study on the impact of the increase in energy tariffs on the pockets of consumers. In 2020, an average family spent 785 on gas, 542 euros on electricity, for a total of 1,327 euros, according to the association’s calculations.

In 2021, due to the sharp increases started in the last quarter of the year, the gas bill reached € 1,162 per household, € 802 for electricity (for a total of € 1,964 per family). In 2022, due to the increase in tariffs and despite the measures adopted by the Government, the total expenditure for energy rises to 2,558 euros per household (1,516 euros for gas, 1,042 euros for electricity).

This means, according to Assoutenti, that in the two-year period 2021-2022 each single family paid a total of 1,231 euros more than in 2020 (+ 92.7%) for gas and electricity supplies (+731 for gas, +500 euros for the light), an account that could further aggravate in October, when Arera will announce the updates of the tariffs for the last period of the year.

And the association’s forecasts for 2023 are far from optimistic: “Analysts announce tensions on energy prices that will continue into the new year,” said the president, Furio Truzzi, in a statement. ” Considering the current strong rise in electricity and gas prices, in the absence of a national or European tariff freeze and effective counter measures, in 2023 the bill for energy supplies could reach 5,266 euros per family: 3,052 euros for the gas bill, 2,214 euros for the electricity bill, with an increase in energy expenditure of + 300% compared to 2020 “.

“The Government must absolutely avoid the massacre that is about to hit the pockets of consumers and businesses, and must find the resources necessary to counter the expensive bills through the 40 billion euros of extra profits generated by the energy companies”, concludes Truzzi.