Dear energy and bills, Salvini’s proposals to Draghi

Extension of discounts, extra-profit taxes, aid to families and then a 30 billion NRP on energy in agreement with Europe

The price of gas at the center of the debate ahead of the 2022 elections scheduled for 25 September. The videoconference of the Lega took place today, convened by Matteo Salvini, on the subject of expensive energy and bills. “Among the concrete and realistic proposals that the League will formulate to President Draghi (pending a possible and strongly requested budget variance, which it is hoped will be implemented by the new center-right government), Salvini – the League says – intends to suggest: taxation of extra profits, immediate extension of discounts on fuel and bills expiring in September, simplification and greater information on all the tools already active to obtain discounts and deferred payments for the benefit of families (result of the ruling League) “.

“Among Salvini’s other proposals: green light to nuclear power, upgrading and construction of new waste-to-energy plants, revision of European policies on the Green Deal, but above all a NRR on energy of at least 30 billion, in agreement with Europe, to overcome the ‘autumn and winter helping families and businesses “, the League said at the end of the meeting to which Giancarlo Giorgetti and Federico Freni, senators Alberto Bagnai and Paolo Arrigoni (respectively head of the Economics and Energy Department were connected) della Lega), the MEP Marco Zanni “.