Dear energy, Bonomi: “110 billion sting”

The president of Confindustria: “We need an authoritative and competent government as soon as possible”

“We need an authoritative and competent government as soon as possible” to manage the “energy emergency” that this year will entail a sting of “110 billion” with increases in electricity and gas bills. These are the words of the president of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi at ‘Half an hour more’ on Rai3.

“We have no treasures anywhere, if we do not want to affect public finance” but it is “a very delicate issue. Certainly” all resources must be concentrated in the energy emergency “and” today the alley is very narrow “, he adds.

“We await the composition” of the new government and “we hope it will happen as soon as possible. Time is not a variable that we can play with. We need competent people who know the public machine well” so that those who “arrive are immediately operational”. On the tensions surrounding the formation of the executive, Meloni adds: “It is important that the skirmishes do not affect the government’s operations”. And he reiterates: “It’s not a classic ‘hurry up’ but ‘do well'”

For the Ministry of Economy, among the most highly rated is the name of Giancarlo Giorgetti: with the exponent of the League currently “at Mise, I have an excellent relationship, as minister we have done important things together”.

Technicians or politicians who are “I ask competent people, I think the driver should be competence”, says Bonomi, adding that “when you choose a politician who has no competence” in the matter “it is important that you surround yourself with competent technicians and that listen to them “.