Dear energy, Meloni: “Resources for Italians without unnecessary bonuses”

“The government has achieved two important goals in less than two weeks”

“The government was sworn in on 22 October and in less than two weeks it has achieved two important objectives: freeing up over 30 billion euros (9.1 billion for 2022 and 21 billion for 2023) to secure families and businesses from the expensive bills and take the first step on the national energy security front. We will concentrate the resources available to help Italians cope with the rising cost of energy, without wasting resources in useless bonuses “. The Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, writes in a post on Facebook.

“Not only that. The Government – adds the premier – has approved a measure to implement the production of national gas, as long as it is destined at affordable prices to Italian energy-intensive companies. We thus secure the production fabric and make ourselves more independent from imports. of gas “.

“At the same time, we reaffirmed our commitment in Europe to arrive at a dynamic gas price corridor to limit price volatility and secure our industries. We promised Italians that, once in the government, we would be serious about it. and determination for the energy emergency and that is exactly what we are doing, demonstrating – concludes Meloni – that even in Italy, if you want, you can do what you need for the good of the citizens “.