Dear energy, Salvini: “Armistice between parties”. Calenda: “Let’s meet tomorrow”

The leader of the League: “Let politics stop, meet and sign a commitment”. Action leader: “Let’s try to find an agreement to avoid the disaster”

On dear energy “I ask that a CDM be convened next week and Parliament convened in early September. I propose an armistice to the leaders of the political forces. Let politics stop, meet and sign a commitment”. Like this Matteo Salvini in a press conference in Corigliano Rossano. “We need to act now, there is no time. There are those who say ‘we wait after the elections’. It cannot be done. Waiting a month and a half is late and in the meantime we risk a massacre of companies” says the leader of the League.

“Thank goodness. At least one has arrived – he comments Carlo Calenda on Twitter – After four days of insults but he got there. Call it an armistice or time out. It’s the same thing. Let’s meet tomorrow and try to find an agreement to avoid the disaster: Enrico Letta, Giorgia Meloni, Giuseppe Conte “.

Salvini launched the ‘Macron model’ against expensive bills. “Politics give full mandate to Draghi” to adopt a solution like the one taken in France: “Give money to companies” that produce energy “and ask that they put a ceiling” on the price of bills, is the proposal of the leader of the League “Not they are state aid, a lot of money. But upstream action is taken “directly on companies such as” Eni, Enel, Ire, Dolomite Energia and so on “. “We must imitate France and immediately allocate 30 billion to contain the increases in gas. It is not a debt but a national bailout,” Salvini said.