Dear Energy, Salvini: “War intervention is needed, bills ceiling at 4%”

The leader of the League during a rally in Reggio Calabria raises: “Let’s copy the French model”

“In France since January 1 of this year, the maximum ceiling on the increase in bills imposed by the state is 4% … Let’s copy the French model”, the proposal launched by Matteo Salvini, during a rally in Reggio Calabria. Against high energy, according to the secretary of the League, “an urgent intervention is needed, of war. We are at war against Covid and because there is a war in progress. In times of war, rapid and concrete solutions are needed. The League’s proposal a all Italian politics, from Letta to Conte, is: let’s divide on something else “but” let’s reconvene immediately in Parliament, let’s immediately meet the Council of Ministers “because” the electricity or gas bill is not right or left “.

Salvini then returns to the bridge over the Strait of Messina, calling it “absolutely a necessity, to unite Italy to Europe, not to unite Messina to Reggio. Moreover, we would also have the advantage that Europe would pay more than half the costs. Once upon a time. so much so that they give us a hand from Brussels, let’s take this opportunity “.