Dear energy, the new measures: what changes

The new bill decree is expected to be launched in the Council of Ministers on Tuesday

The new government bill decree is coming against the high energy bill, which will serve to renew the package of measures expiring on March 31st. It is expected to be launched in the Council of Ministers on Tuesday. The allocation should be around 5 billion.

VAT. The decree law should extend until 30 June the reduction to 5% of the VAT rate on methane gas (compared to 10 or 22% based on the type of customer) for civil and industrial uses.

FAMILIES. On the other hand, the social bonus for families has been confirmed from April 1st. In detail, today the bonus is received 100% by families with an Isee of less than 9,530 euros and by households with at least four children and an Isee of less than 20 thousand euros; instead, 80% of the aid is disbursed if the income is between 9,530 and 15,000 euros. Overall audience: 4.5 million families. The hypothesis of introducing a family bonus, linked to consumption, is also under discussion, rewarding those who save, for example by totally eliminating expenses if they consume less than in the previous year. The feasibility study of the Arera in this regard is awaited, therefore the measure could come into effect in the autumn. Another proposal on the table envisages the establishment of fixed costs for bills and an increase in costs if the consumption thresholds are exceeded.

ENTERPRISES. Also being renewed until the end of June is the tax credit for the purchase of energy and gas for so-called energy-intensive companies which in the Budget Law has risen from 40 to 45%, while for bars, restaurants and shops the rate it rises from 30 to 35%. On this front, formulas are being studied to make the bonus more selective.

SYSTEM CHARGES. After almost a year of absence, from April 1 the costs of the system charges should return to the electricity bill, impacting around 20% of the total to be paid. For those of gas, however, the cancellation would be confirmed.