Dear energy, Todde: “A very difficult autumn for families and businesses in view”

The Deputy Minister for Economic Development and Vice President of the 5 Star Movement underlines to Adnkronos the need for “timely interventions to avoid the collapse of entire industrial chains”.

“The price of gas at 250 euros per mWh and that of electricity at 600 euros per mWh, ten times the prices of April 2021, will make our autumn very difficult for families, businesses and entire industrial chains which, in the absence of serious and timely interventions, they will risk collapse“This was stated to Adnkronos by the Deputy Minister for Economic Development and Vice President of the M5S, Alessandra Todde, illustrating the program of the 5 Star Movement on energy.

“The energy crisis, how to deal with it, manage it and overcome it – he explains -, is one of the most current and most urgent issues, on which there are profound differences of views on the part of those who will present themselves to the polls on September 25. The theme is cost. energy, where by cost I don’t just mean the economic one “.

The energy recipes of some political parties, Todde emphasizes, “are based on fossil fuels, highly polluting, non-renewable and largely in the hands of nations and potentates of dubious morality and on nuclear, unnecessarily risky, with the technology available today, and of very slow realization, thus ignoring the will of the Italian people who have already expressed a clear ‘no’ to nuclear power and without even knowing where, how and when the plants should be built or specify where the radioactive waste should be stored. These are shortsighted and dangerous solutions, which try to solve a problem with the same mentality that created that problem.“.

The M5S, unlike other political parties, notes the Deputy Minister, “has outlined in its program a clear, new and achievable path, based on short and medium-term measures: allowing energy-intensive companies to purchase energy at a controlled price thanks to the immediate implementation of the Energy and Gas Releases and adequate financing from the Ets fund; substantially affect the extra profits of energy companies because it is not tolerable that there are companies that have made 600% of revenues while more and more families are unable to pay their bills and entire industrial chains are closing due to the cost of energy “.

The strategy of the 5 Star Movement on energy terms, he underlines, is “concrete, clear and clean, to fight the energy pandemic by giving Italy and Italians the immediate and sustainable responses that we all urgently need over time, thus laying the foundations for a truly better energy future “.

But not only. For the M5S “setting a ceiling on the price of gas in Europe is a fundamental measure that we were the first to propose and promote, fighting the selfishness of some European countries “, explains Todde, underlining the need to” decouple the price of electricity from the price of gas and make the price of gas independent of the Ttf, the Dutch stock market price“.

For the 5 Star Movement, moreover, explains Todde, it is necessary “to renew the national urban heritage, improving its energy efficiency with the help of the superbonus and promote and encourage the culture of energy savinginvestments in renewable energy, self-production and energy communities, the use of the most undervalued of Italian raw materials: sun, wind and water, to the benefit of household and business bills and the competitiveness of the entire country system “.