Dear fuel, Lollobrigida: “On excise duties it is illogical to dispute later”. Forza Italia: “We are loyal”

The minister and leading exponent of the Brothers of Italy to the ‘Corriere della Sera’: “The choice on excise duties was choral, by the whole majority”. Cattaneo: “We are transparent from the start, we have our own ideas”

”I think an intelligent person like Berlusconi would never say something that doesn’t make sense. The choice on excise duties was unanimous, by the majority. I was at the meeting with the group leaders of all the parties, including Forza Italia, when decided to go down this road and I find it anomalous to approve a solution and then contest it in the newspapers”. He says it Francesco Lollobrigida, Minister for Agricultural Policies and leading exponent of the Brothers of Italy, in an interview with ‘Corriere della Sera’. “Even in the light of the choice of France and Spain to eliminate the additional contribution and of the EU Commission, which advised against horizontal interventions, I do not consider the Government’s decision wrong – adds the representative of the Executive. But even if it had been a mistake, it would have been done by the whole majority. The prime minister did not make this choice independently. And if FI considered intervention on fuels a priority, it had to say where to get the resources”.

“I see no logic – Lollobrigida insists – in governing together, participating in majority meetings, voting on a measure and then contesting its contents through newspapers and TV. And when there is no logic, not wanting to question the intelligence of the allies, there is the risk of having to question the loyalty of the behaviors”. “I don’t personalise. Forza Italia has an absolute leader, it has a national coordinator, Tajani, who is also deputy prime minister, and two authoritative group leaders, Ronzulli and Cattaneo. I look at the choices the party makes, not at the statements. I don’t see huge critical issues , but some statements – concludes Lollobrigida – led me to declare to the ‘Foglio’ ‘let us understand what the party line is'”.

For Forza Italia intervenes Alessandro Cattaneo, group leader of Fi in the Chamber, in an interview with ‘Corriere della Sera’.”I find it ungenerous to define ourselves as the ‘Pierini’ of the coalition. We have never missed a vote, we have never made the Council of Ministers late for half an hour. We are not loyal, we are very loyal – he underlines – President Meloni knows that Forza Italy is a serious party, which forms a team, used to governing for 25 years. This does not mean that we do not have our own ideas and that we will not continue to make our weight felt in the coalition”. And on the matter of excise duties “we have been transparent from the beginning. The question does not arise from an intemperance of Forza Italia. Then if they ask how we think we do not hide”.

“We – insists the blue exponent – must reverse the narrative of these hours: the Government’s choice was the right one. In November the bills were skyrocketing, while petrol dropped. At that point we decided to concentrate the greatest economic effort at first, in order to help families and businesses. A choice that I support and would do again”. “The Meloni Executive started well by not giving the opposition any chance to strike. Well, the excise issue was a tempting opportunity for the center-left and the 5 Stars to do some speculation. It is speculation As, moreover, it was during the electoral campaign – concludes Cattaneo – when someone in our coalition spoke of excise duties inappropriately”.