‘Dear Liviuccia’, in the letters to his wife the real Andreotti beyond stereotypes

children publish letters between parents from ’46 to ’70 – G. Letta, ‘this can’t be Beelzebub’

“We are dedicating ourselves to the memory of our father. This is a very personal book, which will give a different image from the stereotypical one of our father”. This is said by Stefano Andreotti, Giulio’s son and curator with his sister Serena of the book ‘Cara Liviuccia’, presented by Giuseppe De Rita, Gianni Letta and Barbara Palombelli.

It is a collection of letters from Andreotti to his wife Livia written in the summer months in a period ranging from ’46 to ’70. Letters in which the DC leader, several times premier, addresses his wife with expressions such as ‘hello oyster’, ‘dear wife’, ‘dear rock’ and greets her with a ‘I kiss you with affection higher than the pyramids’.

“A book that takes us back to post-war Rome, in which we strolled in the evening after dinner and in which the dimension of eating was very important – explained De Rita, who signed the preface of the book. endless menu, ‘today I ate this and that’. But we were formerly starved, that was a ruling class that took refuge from its world “.

Palombelli, ‘had a passion for people’ – Gianni Letta, ‘an extraordinary character, not Beelzebub’

(Adnkronos) – De Rita said again: “Andreotti is a post-war Roman. He liked horses, he liked to play horses, the yellows, he had discovered beer, he used the Prep. When De Gasperi is bitten by a mosquito Andreotti he takes care of it with the Prep. In the letters I felt hunger, the desire to live and grow. A world that was partly disordered and partly controlled which was a beautiful world, very healthy “.

For Palombelli “Andreotti had a passion for people. Today everyone is wondering how to find the relationship with people, politics has become a showcase. But the real politics is that of the Andreotti agenda: how many funerals are told in the letters! people and he said, I receive first the mayor of Fiuggi than the American ambassador. Giulio and Livia had met and loved each other in a time of war, brave kids had been part of a common, very Roman resistance “.

Letta spoke of “an extraordinary character even in the simplest dimension. Branded as Andreotti minimalism, his way of being had become a defect. This book does justice to this aspect. It reveals an unpublished Andreotti, whole and true. The public dimension does not. she was the only one who could explain a complex character like Andreotti. That Andreotti wasn’t true. In the letters there is the public and the private dimension. That’s who Andreotti was. It can’t be Beelzebub, it’s not Beelzebub. This book does justice to ranks of newspapers. Andreotti, in the strengths and weaknesses, is what transpires from the entirety of his personality “.