Death Darya Dugina, who is the bomber according to Russia

Russia accuses: “He is a member of the Azov battalion”

For the attack he killed in Moscow Darya Duginadaughter of Alexander Dugin, Russia accuses a 43-year-old Ukrainian woman Natalia Vovk, considered a component of the Azov battalion. This is what some Russian sites, linked to the Kremlin, claim, which show images of what they claim to be an identity document that qualifies it as a member of the battalion.

According to Moscow, Vovk had rented an apartment in the same Moscow building where the victim lived. According to Russian external intelligence, the murder of Alexander Dugin’s daughter “was committed and prepared by the Ukrainian special services”.

Vovk would come in Russia on July 23 with his 12-year-old daughter. The two attended the ‘Tradition’ festival which was attended by Aleksandr Dugin and his daughter. In Moscow they rented an apartment in the apartment building where Dugina resided and used a Toyota Land Cruiser to follow the reporter. The Russian secret services have released a video that would show Natalia Vovk, the Ukrainian woman indicated as the perpetrator of Saturday’s attack against Darya Dugina. According to Tass, the video also shows the woman entering the journalist’s building, where she had rented an apartment, and as she leaves Russia for Estonia.

Vovk and her 12-year-old daughter would be at the border at 12.02 yesterday, where the car they were in, a Mini Cooper, was thoroughly inspected. The video also shows images of Vovk’s car, taken by CCTV cameras.

UKRAINE – Ukrainian National Guard denies Russian media reports according to which Natalia Vovk, the woman accused of being the perpetrator of the attack against Darya Dugina, formerly part of the Azov battalion. The accusation against “Russian propagandists” is “trying to justify with their own citizens the previous decision to consider a unit of the National Guard of Ukraine as a terrorist organization, showing the Russians ‘the crimes committed by Azov’ on the territory of the Federation Russian, “said the National Guard in a statement on Facebook which specified that the woman was not in the Azov unit.

ESTONIA – Estonia has not received an “official request” for extradition by the Russian authorities regarding Natalia Vovk, the woman accused of being the perpetrator of the attack against Darya Dugina. This was reported by the Russian agency Interfax. “We can publish the data of people crossing the border only in the cases provided for by law – reads Interfax who writes of a reply to this effect received to a question sent to the Estonian Foreign Ministry – We have not received any official information or requests by the Russian authorities on this “. According to Russian reports, the Ukrainian Vovk managed to escape to Estonia.

Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu thus branded the Russian authorities’ version of the Darya Dugina case as “a provocation”. The FSB pointed the finger at Ukrainian services for the murder and identified a woman accused of having fled to Estonia as responsible. “We see this as a provocation by the Russian Federation“, the head of Estonian diplomacy told the Err network.

According to the minister, Moscow’s goal is to pressure Tallinn to change its policy towards Russia. Just today the minister – who spoke with his Ukrainian colleague, Dmytro Kuleba – called for new sanctions against Moscow for the war in Ukraine.