Death of Ratzinger, the CEI invites people to celebrate memorial masses in the country

Indicated the form for the masses of the dead ‘For the Pope’

The Church in Italy invites Catholics “to gather in prayer and to celebrate the Mass in suffrage of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI“. The presidency of the CEI also indicates the ad hoc form proposed in the Roman Missal for the Masses of the dead “For the Pope”. In the texts, the wording “Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI” must be added. you will have to say “your servant, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI”.

The Church in Italy expresses “profound condolences for the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. The words of the ‘declaratio’ of February 10, 2013 return when he renounced the Petrine ministry: ‘As far as I am concerned, also in the future, I will want to serve wholeheartedly , with a life dedicated to prayer, the Holy Church of God”. Even in the moment of human weakness, it has demonstrated the strength that comes from faith in Christ and the importance of a profound relationship that is born of prayer in the Spirit. In these hours his invitation to “feel the joy of being a Christian, because God loves us and expects us to love him too” resounds in the hearts of each of us.’ His life based on love was a reflection of his relationship with God and, in the last stretch of his existence, he made this relationship with the Lord visible, keeping his silence”.

The CEI thanks “the Lord for the gift of his life and his service to the Church: exemplary testimony of that incessant search for the face of the Lord, which today he can finally contemplate face to face. The Church in Italy, in particular, is grateful to him for the impetus given to the new evangelization: we recall the exhortation, addressed on the occasion of the National Ecclesial Convention in Verona, to bring ‘with renewed impetus to this beloved nation, and to every corner of the earth, the joyful witness of the risen Jesus, hope of Italy and of the world”. At this moment, let us make our own prayer to the Virgin of Loreto, to whom we entrust her soul: “Protect our country, so that it may remain a country of believers; so that faith gives us love and the hope that shows us the way from today to tomorrow. You, good Mother, help us in life and at the hour of death”.