Death threats on the web to Meloni, a 45-year-old suspect in Perugia

Following the search, other threatening messages were also found against other parliamentarians

Death threats on the web to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, a 45-year-old is under investigation in Perugia. Personnel of the Digos of the Perugia Police Headquarters and of the Cybernetic Security Center of the Postal Police carried out a personal, home and IT search order ordered by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Umbrian capital against the 45-year-old Italian, assuming against him the crimes of contempt and threat in against the President of the Council of Ministers, crimes committed through one’s social account.

In fact, through his profile, the man had published particularly offensive and threatening sentences addressed to the Prime Minister, sharing, among other things, on his “wall” the post of another person who, following the intention expressed by the Government to amend the legislation on basic income, he had threatened Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and her daughter with death. The fact emerged thanks to the monitoring work conducted on the web by specialized personnel of the Postal Police of Perugia and the Digos, which was then followed by the immediate identification of the account holder, a subject already known to have published threatening posts in the past against politicians.

Following the search, other threatening messages were also found against other parliamentarians, consisting of sentences with threatening content. The IT devices used to commit the crimes were seized pending further investigations.