Debora Pagano reveals all the strength of the Titanium Woman: the video

I am Debora Pagano, and I have not chosen a stage name because in my songs I put the everyday me, because I would always like to remain who I am, without filters without other names. This is my name at the registry office, born in Naples on 22 August 1995 from a Sicilian father and a Neapolitan mother. My passion for figurative arts, painting, drawing, developed immediately as a somatization of my inner world, to be able to visualize it in front of me, then I realized that I also wanted to listen to it, so I discovered music, and then I started to study piano. Growing up I changed a thousand teachers, courses, schools, but the need to write something new was immense, I needed to make everything concrete. So in addition to the private study of the piano, I learned to play the ukulele on my own and subsequently I approached other instruments until after graduating from the high school of art Suor Orsola Benincasa, with a specialization in history and conservation of cultural heritage, to continue with music in a practical way. So as soon as I came of age I moved to Rome, graduating with full marks from the IED with a specialization in Sound Design, with an experimental thesis based on the anthology of Spoon River by Edgar Lee Masters, in comparison with the album ‘not money, not love nor al cielo ‘by Fabrizio de André compared to the homonymous remake of the singer-songwriter Marco Castoldi, aka Morgan. After completing my studies I decided to go to the city where I have always wanted to live, Milan, and from there knocking on many doors I then found the one that welcomed me musically, from 2017, to today ‘Gotham Dischi’ which in addition to being the label record company with which I concretize my music is also my team, made up of Andrea Papazzoni and Mario Meli, I don’t know if the three musketeers or the three of the apocalypse, but it’s still us.

This song was born after many others, published and still closed in some drawer, still others contained in my collection Con-Testi In-Versi published by Aletti Editore. The title is Donna Titanio and this woman is me, because despite all my weakest point has become my strength, after years of scoliosis and suffering, braces, alternative therapies I found a solution in the hands of a surgeon who saved my life. life after two extremely complex operations with very low success rates, now I have several bolts and screws and three titanium bars to support me, but there is no stronger alloy. The song explains little but says it all, and the video by Melissa Debernardi and Edoardo Ciarmoli summarizes a few but essential and fundamental concepts, and for this I thank them. And if I am here today, still in the recovery phase, I owe it to all the health workers, to all the nurses and doctors who looked after and saved me. Two years after the operation, I can tell about it, and I dedicate the song to the Spinal Department of the Santa Corona hospital in Pietra Ligure, with the hope that anyone can find his strength in the deepest pain.