Decarbonize the supply chain, a platform for sharing data

New partnership between Boston Consulting Group and Carbon Disclosure Project

Objective: decarbonise the supply chain. Like this Boston Consulting Group (Bcg) and Carbon Disclosure Project (Cdp) have launched a new partnership for the creation of a platform that will exploit the most advanced technologies in the sector, including Artificial Intelligence, to facilitate measurement and, consequently, the reduction of emissions along the entire value chain.

“We are very excited and proud to partner with Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) – the gold standard of environmental reporting. This platform will represent a game changer in the fight against climate change. Together, we will help organizations around the world to take targeted action to decarbonise value chains, “he said Christoph Schweizer, CEO of BCG.

The involvement of supply chains in this process is fundamental when considering the weight of their emissions on the total carbon footprint of companies. A report that the study ‘Supply Chain, Engaging the Chain: Driving Speed ​​and Scale’, conducted by BCG in partnership with CDP, quantifies by revealing how the emissions produced in the supply chains are on average 11.4 times higher than the emissions of the reference companies . Nevertheless, the levels of collaboration between the two parties are still limited. In fact, among the companies analyzed, only 38% and 26% collaborate with their suppliers on climate change and deforestation respectively. A percentage that drops to 16% when it comes to water safety.

On the basis of these premises, a more active collaboration between companies and supply chains, possible thanks to a more transparent sharing of data on their respective greenhouse gas emissions, would allow players at all levels of the value chain to more accurately measure the own carbon footprint. This would lead to a greater awareness of the emission levels of the entire corporate ecosystem, thus making it possible to implement measures aimed at reducing emissions not only of the individual companies, but of the entire system to which they are part.

It is in this context that the new BCG and CDP platform was born, which aims to encourage the sharing of data on sustainability at the product level within value chains. This will allow companies to extend their monitoring and measurement activities of emissions to the entire supply chain, favoring a more accurate estimate of emissions concerning the so-called ‘Scope 3’, i.e. all indirect emissions that occur along the value chain. of the company.

“Companies will have to collaborate ever more closely with their supply chains on environmental issues and especially on decarbonisation. Through our partnership with BCG and leveraging digital, analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions, we can transform our knowledge into action. concrete and revolutionize the approach to managing emissions, “he said Paul Simpson, Chief Executive Officer of Cdp.