Deduction for public transport season tickets: the expenses are included in the pre-compiled form

Even the expenses incurred for public transport season tickets, which give the right to the 19 percent IRPEF deduction, will enter directly into the pre-compiled tax return. As usual, citizens can also object to the use of the information

In the flow of data arriving atRevenue Agency for the processing of pre-compiled tax return expenses relating to thepublic transport subscription which give the right to IRPEF deduction.

As with the other costs that are already entered, it will be possible oppose the use of information.

The news, on which the Revenue Agency has provided details with the provmeeting of October 5thit will affect both the pre-processed version of the model 730 than that of Personal Income model.

Also the expenses that give the right to the deduction for the public transport season ticket in the pre-compiled form

The amounts used for thepurchase of public transport season tickets they can be included in the tax return to benefit from the IRPEF deduction provided for this type of costs.

You are entitled to a maximum benefit of 47.50 euros: the benefit consists in the possibility of recovering 19 percent of the expense incurred, within the maximum deductible cost limit equal to 250 euros.

It should be emphasized that this is a different benefit from transport bonus recognized in the form of contribution of 60 euros scheduled for 2023 for those with an income of up to 20,000 euros.

With the latest innovations introduced, citizens who have the right to IRPEF deduction For public transport season ticket they will already find the costs indicated in the pre-compiled tax return both in case of use of the 730 form and in case of use of the Income model.

Information regarding purchases of subscriptions to local, regional and interregional public transport services carried out by natural persons with traceable methods will reach the Financial Administration by deadline March 16th of the year following the reference year.

They will send them themselves public and private entities entrusted with the public transport service.

Compliance in the first phase, for the tax years 2023 and 2024, is optional, while it becomes mandatory from 2025.

Deduction for public transport season tickets: opposition to the use of data in the pre-compiled form

To allow the Revenue Agency to correctly process the pre-compiled tax return interested parties must indicate i data
identifiers both of the subscribers and of those who incurred the expenses, considering any refunds relating to the same year.

As with the other types of expenditure that arrive at the financial administration and then flow into the 730 models or moles Income models ready for use, such as health information or nursery school fees, citizens can object to the use of the information.

From 1 January to 16 March of the year following the purchase of the subscription it is possible to block the flow of information by communicating the opposition to the Revenue Agency via email.

Alternatively, but only for costs incurred from 2024, your decision can also be reported directly at the time of payment or in any case by December 31st of the year in which the expenditure was made.

Those who object to the use of data they will not find the expenses which give the right to deduction for the purchase of public transport season tickets already indicated in the pre-compiled tax return but they can, in any case, indicate them during the compilation phase so as not to lose the IRPEF discount.