Deductions and benefits for home buyers: from agency fees to notary fees

Not just first home bonuses: in the event of a purchase, numerous benefits and deductions are recognized, from expenses incurred for the agency to those relating to notary fees. Furthermore, various incentives are also foreseen in 2024 in the event of restructuring

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tax recognized.

In addition to first home bonuswhich allows you to benefit from the reduction of registration, mortgage and land registry taxes, are numerous tax deductions on the costs associated with the purchase of a new home.

The expenses for real estate brokerage, part of the notary fees but also the interest paid on the mortgage can be deducted from IRPEF in the tax return, within certain limits.

Specific concessions are also available in the case of renovation or carrying out work aimed at improving the energy performance of your home.

The deduction of real estate agency expenses for those who buy a house

Among the deductible expenses when buying a house are those of real estate brokerage.

The cost paid for the real estate agency service it can be deducted for IRPEF at 19%, within the maximum limit of 1,000 euros. The amount exceeding the maximum limit will be non-deductible.

On the basis of the current rules therefore, with the tax return it will be possible to obtain a reimbursement equal to a maximum of 190 eurosprovided that the property is used as a main residence.

In order to deduct agency expenses, it will be necessary to pay via traceable instruments, typically by bank transfer or check.

The deduction of notary fees

They are also partially deductible notary fees.

With the tax return it will be possible to request the IRPEF reimbursement for the fee paid to the notary in relation to the stipulation of the mortgage deedwithin the maximum limit of 4,000 euros.

Deductible expenses also include those incurred by the notary on behalf of the client, such as those for the registration and cancellation of the mortgage.

However, the fee paid to the notary for the deed remains non-deductible.

The deduction of interest expense on the mortgage

IRPEF deduction also for interest paid on the mortgage contract for the purchase of the house used by the taxpayer as his main residence.

Even in this case, the reimbursement recognized is equal to 19% of the expenses incurred, within the limit of 4,000 euros, a sum which includes all the ancillary costs linked to the stipulation of the mortgage, including those of the notarial deed.

The holder of the mortgage deed is eligible for the IRPEF refund. In case of joint mortgagethe maximum deductible sum remains equal to 4,000 euros, to be therefore distributed on the basis of each holder.

The home bonuses provided in the event of renovation

When we talk about deductions linked to the purchase of a house, we must also necessarily consider the benefits provided in the case of renovation.

Until 31 December 2024 it is possible to benefit from the 50% bonusup to a maximum of 96,000 euros, payable in the event of renovation of your home.

Deductible expenses are those relating to extraordinary maintenance, restoration and conservative rehabilitation and building renovation. Only for expenses relating to the common areas of the condominium, the bonus is also valid for ordinary maintenance.

The list of costs for which you can benefit from the tax refund therefore includes, for example, those aimed at improving toilet facilities, replacing fixtures and fittings or even installing air conditioners.

Access to the renovation bonus also allows you to benefit from bonus furniture and appliancesa deduction equal to 50% and which from 1 January 2024 is recognized up to a maximum amount of 5,000 euros.

Also worth mentioning is theecobonus, concession recognized for energy saving costs. The reimbursement due is equal to 50% or 65% of the costs, with the amount of the deduction differentiated based on the type of intervention carried out.

For example, the ecobonus is 65% for expenses relating to the replacement of winter air conditioning systems with systems equipped with condensing hot air or with systems equipped with a high efficiency heat pump.

For the replacement of windows and fixtures as well as in the case of installation of solar shading you are entitled to an ecobonus of 50%.

In any case, it is with the compilation of the tax declaration that it will be possible to benefit from the tax deductions due by following the specific compilation instructions provided for each benefit.