Deebot T10 Turbo, technology at the service of cleaning

The nerve center of the T10 Turbo is the base. Inside we find the tank for dirty and clean water and is used to load the robot. After each process, use clean water and hot air to sanitize the cloths. There are two mops and they are located under the T10 Turbo, they rotate and allow for more thorough cleaning. The two small spiders placed in front, on the other hand, are used to collect the dirt and direct it to the central brush where the suction nozzle is located.

T10 Turbo has eyes to see

In front is the dual AIVI 3.0 optical sensor capable of recognizing up to 18 different objects and mapping the house. So if there are pets in the house or slippers left on the floor, Deebot recognizes and moves on. In our test a puppy had no problem living with the tasks to be performed by the T10 Turbo.

The sensor is so powerful that it can also be used as a real surveillance camera to be managed from a smartphone.

A functional dedicated app

The 5,200 mAh per hour battery allows an autonomy of up to 150 hours, time which varies according to the dirt and the suction modes selected.

The Ecovacs Home app is also essential for the Deebot T10 Turbo. Thanks to which we can manage the options, start the cleaning and monitor the work sessions. Finally, the integrated Yiko dedicated voice assistance fully completes the Ecovacs technology at the service of home cleaning. The cost is 1,099 euros.

Ecovacs T10 Turbo, pros and cons


  • Easy to use
  • Washing and vacuuming
  • Battery life


  • Price
  • More convenient to have the collection bag in the base