Def, after the “slip” of the majority, new vote in the Chamber

Work resumes in Montecitorio, voting at 2 pm. FdI Tremaglia in the Chamber: “We apologize to the Italians and to Meloni”

After yesterday’s “bad slide” – as Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni defined it – with the vote in the House that rejected the government report on the budget variance, in Montecitorio work resumed with the examination of the Def and of the new Report to Parliament, approved yesterday by the Council of Ministers in a flash meeting. The sitting of the Chamber began at 9, with the general discussion concluded, work will resume at 10 with the explanations of vote. The vote is therefore scheduled for 2 pm.

A total of 45 deputies from the 4 majority groups were not present yesterday at the vote on the deviation: 14 from Fdi, 14 from Forza Italia, 15 from the League and 2 from Noi Moderati. Specifically 11 absent from the League and 4 on mission; 5 absent from Fdi and 9 on mission; 9 absent from Forza Italia and 5 on missions. “Some of our people were in hospital, and therefore really unable to go to the Chamber”, explains a high-ranking Melonian. “I am in Palermo for a conference of the trade union of accountants. The group leader Foti authorized me”, instead the Fdi deputy Andrea De Bertoldi explained his absence. Instead, the force player Alessandro Cattaneo does not mince words, recently replaced as group leader in the Chamber by Antonio Tajani’s loyalist, Paolo Barelli: “Everyone assumes his responsibilities, I apologize to the Italians”.

“Yesterday we were here, we weren’t at home. No one was out and about. We were present in the Chamber yesterday, we had 5 absentees like Fdi, most of them for health reasons. Having said that, we have to assume our responsibility. We must apologize to our constituents and to the government, which is working well. We must apologize, I personally, to President Meloni, who has always set an example of humility and seriousness to us at Fdi”, the words of the Brothers of Italy deputy Andrea Tremagliaspeaking in the Chamber during the debate.