Def, FdI runs for cover to lock down the classroom: more control over attendance

After yesterday’s misstep in the House

After yesterday’s misstep in the House on the Def, the majority are making mea culpa and trying to run for cover to lock down the numbers in the Chamber and prevent what happened in Montecitorio – where the report on the budget variance was rejected, thanks to the numerous absences in the centre-right – check again. The climate that reigns today in the Transatlantic, on the day in which the Chamber gave the green light to the new report approved by the Council of Ministers, is halfway between a narrow escape and still fresh anger. “We apologize to the Italians”, is the refrain that recurs in the statements of some members of the Brothers of Italy. Like the vice president of the Chamber Fabio Rampelli, who urges his colleagues in the majority to be “up to par” with the “extraordinary” work of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni: “In her place I would be annoyed”, says the Fdi parliamentarian in conversation with reporters in the Chamber .

In Via della Scrofa the conclusions are drawn after yesterday’s events with the aim of avoiding another slip-up. “We warned everyone in time, with phone calls, emails, messages … We probably focused more on the Senate, where there was a gap of only 4 votes. This was perhaps the mistake”, admits an Fdi big . “When there is the feeling of having a large majority, unfortunately people leave, he leaves the Chamber. But the duty of the parliamentarian is to remain in the benches to vote”. The reason for the ‘fool’, is underlined in government circles, is not political but dictated by “irresponsibility” and “underestimation”. “We will try to work more with the group leaders of the House and Senate and to make parliamentarians responsible, perhaps with more precise control of attendance”, the solution being discussed in these hours. The idea is that of a sort of ‘control room’ for greater control over those present and absent and for a connection with allies, in order to count each other in real time and avoid messes.

In the aftermath of the incident on the Def, the atmosphere in the Chamber still remains incandescent. This is demonstrated by the tussle that broke out in the Chamber after the words of the Fdi group leader Tommaso Foti, who, speaking in the explanation of vote on the new report on the Document, first apologized to the Italians and Meloni for yesterday’s events, then pointed the finger at the opposition : “Look at their absences”. Statements that sparked protests from minority groups – the Democratic Party left the Chamber – forcing the Speaker of the Chamber Lorenzo Fontana to suspend the session. In the end, Montecitorio gave the go-ahead for the budget variance with 221 votes in favor and 116 against. Subsequently, the ok from Palazzo Madama also arrived with 112 votes in favor and 57 against.