Def, from ‘I was in the bathroom’ to commitments elsewhere: the ‘justifications’ of 45 absent from the centre-right

For having failed to vote in the majority, 14 deputies from Fdi as many from Forza Italia, 15 from the Lega and 2 from Noi Moderati

Too busy (elsewhere) or sick. Tactics studied at the table to send precise political signals, perhaps to the allies. Or just sloppiness, combined with a little distraction. There are various ‘justifications’ that are usually put forward by those who do not participate in votes that involve heavy missteps for the government majority.

This is the case today in the Chamber, where the center-right, surprisingly, stumbled over the budget deviation, greatly embarrassing Palazzo Chigi and its premier Giorgia Meloni on a delicate issue such as the Def. As always in these cases, the absences among the ranks of the majority weighed: as many as 45 deputies from the 4 groups. Printouts in hand, 14 from Fdi as many from Forza Italia, 15 from the League and 2 from Noi Moderati. Excluding those on mission, usually with an ‘official justification’, all the others went on trial with the consequent and inevitable controversy over the stability of the coalition in the key passages in Parliament.

Again, none of the absentees speaks apretis verbis. At most someone says something under their breath. No quotes, please. Because the hunt for the ‘guilty’ of the omelette has already begun after the crime. Better, therefore, to avoid making counterproductive statements. Only one parliamentarian, the young Francesco Maria They stealagrees to speak clearly: “I went to the Chamber, I regularly took the card from the clerks, then I went to the bathroom and couldn’t reach the hemicycle in time. Unfortunately, I have arrived at the conclusion of the voting operations”.