Def, House rejects budget variance. Today new vote in Parliament

From Montecitorio came the no to the majority resolution: 201 votes were needed, six were missing. A lightning Council of Ministers approved a new report, to be examined by the Chamber of Deputies in the morning. The Senate has been convened since 2 pm

We return to Parliament to examine the new report to the Def on the budget variance of 3.4 billion euros. After yesterday the Chamber rejected the majority resolution, the text will again be examined by the Montecitorio in the morning. The Senate has instead been convened for 2 pm. We will start with the explanations of vote on live television, then we will move on to the vote of the Def and the deviation. There is tension among the ranks of the majority over what happened. To pass, the resolution had to pass with at least 201 votes in favor. Six were missing, while the centre-right absentees were 25. “It was a bad slip” but not “a political signal”, said Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni hotly, who received the news while she was busy in London on the bilateral with Rishi Sunak. Following what happened, a flash meeting of the Council of Ministers was held: the government did not modify the Def but only approved a new report. The examination of the Chambers will be completed by tomorrow, Saturday 29 April.

The oppositions: “A very serious fact”

Opposition arose immediately. “Meloni go to the Quirinale immediately”, is the position of the Five Stars. “A very serious event has happened, in one case it could be an unforgivable sloppiness, or for the divisions that already exist in the majority, the numbers for the approval of the budget variance to the Def were missing. It is a sign of how much this majority who said she was ready to lead the Italians and the Italian women so ready proves not to be”, said the Pd secretary, Elly Schlein.

Meloni: “We will keep our commitments on the Def”

But reassurances come from the premier: “On the Def we will keep our commitments within the set times, continuing to work to be able to give concrete solutions to the Italians”, Meloni wrote on Twitter. The Minister of Economy, Giancarlo Giorgetti, says he is “absolutely aware of the importance of what happened, of the vote when a deviation is requested”. Giorgetti then called on the Chambers to act “responsibly”, underlining how “all the documents drawn up by this government have had a favorable opinion from the EU Commission”. When asked if he confirmed that he had heard from Brussels, Giorgetti confirmed: “We have heard it”.