Def, majority under the House: Meloni wrath. New vote today

The House rejected the government’s report on the budget variance

On the one hand there is a tendency to minimize the ‘political’ significance of the episode, declassifying it as a mere incident in the Chamber, on the other there is self-criticism and there are those who do not hide the concern that the precedent could open a sort of jar of Pandora and make the browsing of the majority bumpy. The vote with which the Chamber rejected the government report on the budget variance – thanks to the numerous absences in the center-right ranks – makes the government of Giorgia Meloni fibrillate, who from London does not hide her irritation: the one on Def “is a bad slip, a bad figure, but I don’t see political signs “, observes the tenant of Palazzo Chigi.

“I have been a parliamentarian for a long time and I know that political signals are given elsewhere, but I believe that everyone must be reminded of their responsibilities. We are not saving ourselves, no one can do it”. “I have no words”, the leader of the Brothers of Italy will write later in the evening in the chat of the elected officials. A message that from across the Channel reaches the banks of the Tiber and is aimed at those parliamentarians of the majority who due to “excess security” (as Meloni said) or “inexperience” (the copyright in this case is by Maurizio Lupi of Noi Moderati) they missed the votes needed to bring home the Economic and Financial Document. Forcing the CDM to convene a new meeting to change the report to the Def.

A big brother of the Brothers of Italy, speaking with Adnkronos, summarizes what happened today in the Chamber as follows: “There is no political issue. If anything, it was the lack of familiarity with the ‘new’ Chamber numbers that weighed, after the reform of the cut of parliamentarians”. However, the heads of the party leading the majority do nothing to hide their concern for the future: “There are fears, yes, because what happened today could push someone, one day, to use the tactic of absences as an instrument of pressure against of the government of Giorgia Meloni…”.

A total of 45 deputies from the 4 majority groups were not present at the vote on the deviation: 14 from Fdi, 14 from Forza Italia, 15 from the League and 2 from Noi Moderati. Specifically 11 absent from the League and 4 on mission; 5 absent from Fdi and 9 on mission; 9 absent from Forza Italia and 5 on missions. “Some of our people were in hospital, and therefore really unable to go to the Chamber”, explains a high-ranking Melonian. “I’m in Palermo for a conference of the trade union of accountants. I was authorized by the group leader Foti”, explains the deputy of Fdi Andrea De Bertoldi instead. Instead, the force player Alessandro Cattaneo does not mince words, recently replaced as group leader in the Chamber by Antonio Tajani’s loyalist, Paolo Barelli: “Everyone assumes his responsibilities, I apologize to the Italians”.

Yesterday evening the go-ahead from the House Budget Committee for the new report on budget variance arrived. The government has presented a new text that has been voted on and will be examined by the House this morning. “All the documents drawn up had the favorable opinion of the EU commission, including the new report on budget slippage, said Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti speaking in the commission. “I listened to the debate, someone would have had more courage, would have asked public finance overruns. At this moment I think it is not convenient and appropriate for the country”.

“We will vote tomorrow at 2 pm and it will start immediately on live TV”, announced Ignazio La Russa, president of the Senate, speaking at Palazzo Madama.