Defense, Pro Vita Famiglia: ”The Government should rather deal with gender ranting in schools”

So Antonio Brandi, president of Pro Vita & Famiglia onlus

“What is happening to General Vannacci tomorrow could be the turn of anyone else who dares to speak out against the dictatorship of the politically correct. We have reached the extremely dangerous point where it is permissible to write only ideas that conform to the mainstream and to the cultural dogmas of a certain radical thought. The The General’s removal from office for exercising his freedom of expression sets a dangerous precedent that affects everyone’s opinions.” So Antonio Brandi, president of Pro Vita & Famiglia onlus.

“For this reason – Brandi clarifies – we have launched a petition No to the dictatorship of single thought! Freedom of expression for General Vannacci to defend the freedom of expression enshrined in Article 21 of the Italian Constitution. Rather than launching disciplinary proceedings against a soldier who has expressed his personal opinions in a book, the Government should immediately activate hundreds of disciplinary proceedings against all those teachers and school principals who allow our children and grandchildren to be promoted every day in schools by gender ideology, not only without legal or scientific foundation, but even harmful, such as precisely those ideologies that lead young people to put their sexual identity in crisis, start paths for sex change, or convince them about the goodness of the practice of the surrogate uterus and of other aberrant and criminal practices”, concludes Brandi.