Delfin, a quarter of the safe to the very young Luca and Clemente

They have a quarter of Delfin, the safe of Leonardo Del Vecchio and are the youngest of the sons of Leonardo Del Vecchio, the industrialist who passed away on June 27th and was able to create an empire starting from a frame. I’m Luca and Clemente, The first 21 years old and the second 18, children of the patron of Luxottica by Sabrina Grossi, his partner in the early 2000s who is now a director of Molmed, and has been a member of the board of Luxottica for almost 9 years.

The two very young children, as emerges from the will, they each have 12.5% ​​of the share capital of Delfin, the holding that holds the industrial and financial holdings put together by Leonardo del Vecchio over the course of his life and which are worth over 30 billion euros. That is 32.08% of the eyewear giant Essilorluxottica, which is close to a capitalization of almost 70 billion euros at current prices; 9.81% of Generali (over 23 billion capitalization); 1.9% of Unicredit (over 19 billion capitalization); 19.4% of Mediobanca (over 7 billion capitalization); 27.4% of the Convivio real estate group (almost 6 billion capitalization). Also in the belly of Delfin is 13% of the Luxembourg airline Luxair.

12.5% ​​is an identical share to that left to the children Claudio, Marisa and Paola, with their first wife Luciana Nervo, who together hold 37.5% of Delfin and Leonardo Maria, son of the last wife Nicoletta Zampillo. Del Vecchio then left another 12.5% ​​to Rocco Basilico, the son of Nicoletta Zampillo from the financier Paolo Basilico. The mechanism studied by Of the old man to prevent the safe may fall apart provides that every decision must be taken by at least 88% per cent of the capital. That is to say, it would not be enough to agree the 7 brothers who together come to hold 87.5% of Delfin. The contribution of the eighth heir, the last wife, who holds the remaining 12.5%, would be needed.