Delia Duran wife of Alex Belli, do you remember her in Honor and Respect? He starred with Gabriel Garko

Delia Duran is the wife of Alex Belli: remember when she starred in the fiction Honor and Respect?

Alex Belli is current competitor of Big Brother Vip. Inside the house he is catching attention for his relationship with Soleil Sorge. At first, it seemed to be just friendship, but slowly, the relationship has undergone a strong evolution.

Delia Duran starred in the fiction Honor and Respect: Do You Remember Her? (source mediaste infinity)

Only in recent days, the actor has confessed his feelings: “If I fell in love with you …”, he said to the former suitor of Men and Women. We know Alex is married, he made his vows to Delia Duran a few months ago. Indeed, several times, the latter has entered the house to talk to the competitor about this relationship. Delia is a model and actress. Remember when he starred in Honor and Respect? He joined Gabriel Garko.

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Delia Duran wife of Alex Belli: she starred in The Honor the Respect, do you remember her?

Alex Belli’s wife, Delia Duran, has entered the house of Big Brother Vip several times, to talk to her husband. The two exchanged vows of marriage a few months ago. The relationship that the actor has established with Soleil Sorge has embittered the woman and has thus intervened.

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Although there seemed to be a point of union between the two, the last time Delia entered the house, immediately after there were some real twists. Alex confessed to being in love with Soleil and from there the gossip got stronger and stronger. We saw Delia and Alex at Temptation Island Vip. From the program, despite the friction, they came out together. The woman is a Venezuelan model and actress. Remember when he starred in the fiction Honor and Respect 5?

Delia Duran in Honor and Respect
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Belli’s wife joined Gabriel Garko. In the fiction she played Michela, a strong and tenacious woman. After the death of her husband, she lives with her son in a country house. When she meets Tonio, played by Garko, her life changes and passion breaks out between the two. But we also got to see Duran in Il Bello delle donne.