Delicatessen, Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s debut film returns to cinemas from November 20th

Between films revisited in 4kthe latest to arrive at the cinema is Delicatessen. The operation, signed by I Wonder Classics (division of I Wonder Pictures, committed to reviving the great author’s masterpieces), revisits the acclaimed dark and surreal comedy directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet (known The fabulous world of Amelie) And Marc Caro (who directed “Dante 01”). First released in cinemas in 1991, Delicatessen will return to theaters on November 20th.

Delicatessena film in which humor meets dark atmospheres

Delicatessen it is an extraordinary mix of elements horror, comedy and dystopian fantasy. It was defined by Empire as an extraordinarily original work, in which humor and darkness find a perfect balance. Its plot transports us into a distant and post-apocalyptic futurein which society is collapsing, grain has become a valuable trade commodity, and meat is an incredibly rare resource.

In this context, a Unemployed clown named Louison find work as caretaker in a dismal condominium building. On the ground floor of the structure there is a butcher’s shop, which hides a terrible truth. Or, rather, a terrible owner, as cunning as he is evil. Clapet, this is his name, has a diabolical plan: he lures his victims into the building, promising rooms and jobs, and then kill them, slaughter them and sell their meat.

Louison befriends Clapet’s daughter, Julie, and soon falls in love with her. And it is Julie who, having discovered her father’s activity and worried about the fate of her boyfriend, goes down into the sewers to meet her parents “Troglodytes“, an underground population of deranged vegetarians who agree to help her. However, the plan does not go as planned. But the ending perhaps does.

The accusations against Guillermo del Toro

A few years ago, in defense of his Delicatessen, Jean-Pierre Jeunet accused Guillermo del Toro of plagiarism. According to the French director, del Toro drew on his cult film for a scene in The Shape of Water – The Shape of Water. In the scene in question, Sally Hawkins and Richard Jenkins are sitting on the sofa when, watching an old musical, they improvise a tap dance choreography. He didn’t make the accusation behind her back. Indeed, he went to Guillermo and said: “You have a lot of imagination, a lot of talent. Why do you steal other people’s ideas?” Del Toro replied that both (and everyone) owe a lot to Terry Gilliam. However, Jeunet ne it’s certain: his Delicatessen it was copied.