Della Rocca: ”Maverick hit Italy, Hamas lights fuse”

The Italian party doctor Meretz explains that every Ramadan the extremists create chain reactions and indoctrinate young people, keeping away the prospects of peace

The man who drove his car into the crowd strolling along the Tel Aviv seafront, ”fifty meters from the Italian embassy” is ”a maverick”. And just ”700 meters from where, a year ago, three Israelis were shot dead while they were sitting in a bar drinking a beer”. Unfortunately ”it happens every Ramadan”, Roberto Della Rocca, an Italian doctor who belongs to the left-wing Israeli Zionist Meretz party, told Adnkronos. ”This time a poor Italian tourist got involved” who ”was at the wrong time in the wrong place. I also go for a walk on the Tel Aviv seafront”, says Della Rocca, recalling that ”every year there are many Italian tourists who come to Israel”.

Furthermore, the area where the attack took place is ”very popular both with Israelis and tourists”, but also with Arabs, ”there are hundreds of Arab families who gather in a large meadow in that area every Friday to make the barbecue”. But the bomber ”knew that since it was Ramadan, on Friday evening there would be no Arabs, but Israelis. And he exploited this situation. He wanted to kill Israelis, instead he hit tourists”. Because, as demonstrated by the attack launched a few hours earlier where ” two sisters were killed, he doesn’t give a damn about attacking civilians ”. These mavericks, as Della Rocca calls them, ”are people indoctrinated by the homilies of the muftis on Fridays, who go crazy talking about the conquest of the al-Aqsa mosque, but Israel doesn’t want to conquer anything”. In short, we are dealing with ”very indoctrinated” people, but ”the more young people grow up with this mentality, the more peace fades away”.

The bomber, continues Della Rocca, ”had no criminal record”, he was ”an Israeli Arab who came from a very quiet city, Kfar Qasim”, 18 kilometers southeast of Tel Aviv. But, in general, in Israel ”the period is really very intense, complicated by various things mixed together, internal Israeli problems and with Islamic fundamentalists”.

In any case, he continues, ”like every Ramadan, Hamas knows how to press the button and create a series of reactions”. Because ”like every year there are infiltrators among the Palestinians on the Temple Mount, who go with sticks, stones, fireworks. These are provocations and you don’t react, nothing happens. Otherwise, all it takes is a small reaction and a video shared on social networks, with 14 million views, and it’s escalation”.

The new element this year, Della Rocca points out, is ”the launch of rockets from Lebanon by Hamas” with ”Hezbollah turning a blind eye to a Lebanon which as a country no longer exists, without a president, without a government”.