Dellarabbia, poised between long night is the playlist of inner darkness

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dellarabbia feat Divi – L’ultimo salute

It’s the opening track of our new album. It represents a profound transformation of us and our sounds. It is a dark and aggressive song, written and sung with Divi, singer of the Ministries. It’s our way of dealing with the dark.

Paolo Benvegnu – the Vertical Sea

It is a profound and refined analysis of the darkest parts of oneself, a jewel of what for us is the most underrated artist in recent Italian musical history whose profound influence on our music we do not hide. “I let things pass and touch me, because I am not yet able to understand them”.

Rem – Nightswimming

The piano of this super classic ballad of rock history is pure inspiration, his

essential atmospheres are a nocturnal breeze that make you immerse yourself with Stype and associates in the deepest and darkest waters.

Ministers – Dark times

It’s a tsunami of darkness, as the title lets on. One of the most representative songs of what for us, and not only for us, is one of the greatest Italian bands ever. “And I will change my name now that names are worthless, they no longer work since people no longer work”, what to add?

Meganoids – A landing place

A true poem, from a band that influenced us, influences us and will influence us. THE

Meganoids can be many things. Their deepest part comes out in this song. “a long wait requires the answer that I have hidden among the blankets, it is in front of you, I only loved what had already been what it was for years I sailed towards a landing place that no longer exists”, tear away.

Afterhours – I want gorgeous skin

One of the greatest classics of Italian rock but how much those raw and essential sounds and that “I spend the crystal black nights choosing the cards I would play, cursing certain questions that perhaps it was better never to ask” inspired us and will inspire us again it is an evidence that must be underlined.

Martha on the Ash Pipes

It is difficult for us to choose between Marta sui Tubi’s songs, but probably the most suitable song is Cenere, in which an inner fire burns love, emotions and memories.

Niccolo Fabi – Here

The rock ballad of a songwriter full of things to say. In this case, however, Niccolò faces the darkness of him by literally stopping time. The coarse and desperate singing of the refrain gets inside you and leaves an indelible mark. Simply a masterpiece.

Frank Turner – Get Better

Frank is one of the artists we listen to the most ever, his discography is a

concentrate of sounds and words indispensable for us. This song is an ode to reacting to the worst things that happen to you in life, to shout at the top of your lungs as you go into battle.

Foo Fighters – Skins and bones

What would we be without Foo Fighters? We don’t even want to imagine the answer. Skin and bones a delicate and profound survival song, talks about being reduced to minimum terms, skin and bones, flesh and soul.