Dellorto celebrates 90 years of excellence in carburetor technology

A gala in Monza to honor the past and innovate the future in the carburetor sector

Known globally for its high quality carburettors, Dellorto, on the occasion of the celebration of 90 years of activity, brought together celebrities from entertainment and sport under one roof, highlighting the profound bond between the Brianza company and its territory of origin . The evening, entitled “The Perfect Lap”, reflected the company’s sporting DNA, celebrating not only its glorious past but also its promising future in the world of automotive technology. Among the well-known faces present were Elisabetta Gregoraci, Giorgia Rossi, Benedetta Mazza, the members of the “Iene” Veronica Ruggeri and Nicolò De Devitiis, champions such as Andrea Iannone and many others.

The beating heart of the event was the splendid Porsche 992 GT3 CUP racing car with Dellorto tricolor livery, symbol of the company’s strong bond with motorsport. The car, part of the Dinamic Motorsport team, participated in the Porsche Mobil1 Supercup and the Porsche Carrera Cup Italia, driven by driver Giorgio Amati. Another focal point of the evening was an iconic 1980s Vespa, equipped with the Dellorto carburettor, testifying to the historical importance of the brand in the motoring sector. This piece has awakened a sense of nostalgia and admiration among several generations of enthusiasts.

The event was enlivened by the performances of the histrionic Teo Teocoli and the singer Roberta Bonanno, followed by Giada Brince’s DJ set, creating a festive and engaging atmosphere. DELLORTO, in these 90 years, has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to innovate, moving from the production of classic carburettors to research in more advanced fields such as automation and digitalisation. This evolution is testament to the company’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of carburetor technology, continually adapting to market changes and needs.

Andrea Dell’Orto, Vice President of Dellorto SpA, underlined this aspect during the event: “The Perfect Lap, our perfect lap, symbolizes our story of success and innovation, which continues to evolve in the heart of Brianza, a territory which we love and actively support through various initiatives.” The event strengthened Dellorto’s bond with its territory, showing how the company has managed to transform itself into a modern and dynamic brand, while maintaining its family roots and passion for motorsport.