Delogu (Palaexpo): “Photographic exhibition on the metaphor of energy”

“The exhibition is a way to bring together a group of Italian photographers who work with enormous seriousness on photography, not only on a documentary value but also on an artistic value. The energy metaphor is the best theme to interpret this value and succeed and make a census of Italian photography”. This was stated by Marco Delogu, Curator of the award and President of Palaexpo, on the sidelines of the award ceremony of the winners of the “Driving Energy Award 2022 – Contemporary Photography” promoted by Terna. At the end of the award ceremony, the exhibition at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome was inaugurated with the 5 awarded works and the 35 finalists.

“This is an award promoted by Terna which has never set binding limits for us – he continued -. Energy is a metaphor and energy and photography have always traveled together, as have energy and culture. Originality and freedom were the two keys to interpreting the award.Many of these authors, whom I already knew and with whom I had already worked, didn’t do a job just for the award but they did a job that is an evolution of their photographic identity and that is married to the theme of energy”, he concluded.