Dengue, a case at the Circeo: the disinfestation starts

It was contracted in another country and brought to Italy

A case of imported dengue fever, or contracted in another country and brought to Italy, was registered by the Asl of Latina in a person who stayed in San Felice Circeo. The Municipality of the seaside resort has ordered disinfestation – reports ordinance number 76 – in the intervention area which “includes the roads (including road drains, wells, green areas) and private areas in the residences ‘Gli Oleandri’, ‘Golfo Serene’, ‘Club Verdemare'”.

The Municipality of San Felice Circeo has provided some precautions to be taken during treatment: stay indoors with windows and doors tightly closed and suspend the operation of air exchange systems; do not stay outdoors during treatments; implement, where necessary, the appropriate precautions so that pets are not exposed to or come into contact with disinfesting substances; do not leave food or other edible substances outdoors; do not leave clothes or other clothing hanging out in the open; turn off the garden irrigation systems during and at least for the 24 hours following the treatment.