Dengue Italy, indigenous cases increase: the updated bulletin

ISS: 58 infections transmitted locally (+9 compared to last week) and 273 imported ones

Locally transmitted cases of Dengue are increasing in Italy. There are 58 (increasing compared to the 49 notified last week) referring to four unconnected transmission episodes in the province of Praises (30 confirmed cases), in the province of Latin (2 cases) and in the province of Rome (25 cases with exposures in different parts of the metropolitan city of Rome and 1 case in Anzio, for which investigations are underway to verify any epidemiological links). All cases, the outcome of which is known, are recovered or improving.

Since the beginning of the year, 273 cases of Dengue imported from other countries have also been reported, also an increase compared to the 212 in the previous survey. This is what emerges from the Dengue fever bulletin updated on 16 October by the Higher Institute of Health (ISS).

The indigenous transmission of the virus, albeit in the presence of a limited number of cases, is evolving, highlights the ISS. Disinfestation activities against mosquitoes continue and, in the areas where local transmission has occurred, all the preventive measures required to protect transplants and transfusions have been activated.

The ISS recommends “protecting yourself from mosquito bites during the hours of maximum density and avoiding all situations that may favor their development”.