‘Denial’ the show by Nicholas Gallo in Rome from 15 to 17 October at the Teatro Tordinona

The direction and the almost suffocating text outline the traits of a passion that goes beyond sin and prejudice

Feelings, faith, religion, mystery and passions. All this is “dENIAL”, the show written and directed by Nicholas Gallo, which will be on stage at the Teatro Tordinona in Rome from 15 to 17 October. A complex, human, realistic text. The story revolves around a man of the church, who has become a real sinner due to his clandestine relationship with a woman and everything that comes with it. The image of a world without hope, aimed at total degradation. The direction and the almost asphyxiating text by Nicholas Gallo outline the traits of a passion that goes beyond sin and prejudice: a shell of distorted and sick emotions. A diabolical journey of knowledge between two lovers, where the conscience is burned by evil.

The show – starring Caterina Boccardi in the role of Maria, Demian Aprea in the role of Don Benedict and Giada Garatti in the role of Elisabeth (Maria’s daughter) – will be performed three times in the Roman theatre: Sunday 15 October at 6pm, Monday 16th at 9pm and Tuesday 17th October again at 9pm. “It’s a show – said Boccardi – very strong and powerful. dENIAL is a show that deserves to be seen and experienced. It tells the image of a world where there is no “it is more hope, a very current situation, given that today we are all hopeful of a better world and, above all, we expect union and brotherhood from the Church. As a Christian and believer, to the question “who do you believe?”, I answer “my parents and to Jesus”.

Director Gallo explained: “In the title (“waste”, ed.) there is already the whole show, which tells what is discarded. In this case a daughter born to an illegal couple who is not recognized and abandoned to herself herself since she was a child. It all revolves around the dispersion of the human being, who no longer has points of reference. Faith does not appear to be firm, therefore it is empty of credibility. It is all based on the metaphor of rejection, which nowadays It’s quite widespread, unfortunately.”