Derby Toro-Juve, Allegri: “Team is not against retirement”

The Juventus coach: “We are focused on getting out of this situation”

“Were any players against retirement? Absolutely not. These are unfounded rumors. The team never asked not to go into retirement. We trained when we returned. We are focused on getting out of this situation and we know we have to get back to doing it. result”. This was stated by Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri at a press conference on the eve of the derby with Torino. “With the team I talk every day. The withdrawal is not a punishment, it’s just to spend more time together. It serves to give some order, because when the results are lacking you see more black than it is. I talked to the team. team, they had to go home to get the stuff and I said see you tomorrow morning. “

“Tomorrow is the derby, a game that everyone feels. You have to be careful and short and work as a team to get a positive result”, he added. “The objectives are always the same. It is normal that we are late in the league, because we paid that week between Salerno and Monza. We will think about it in the Champions League after Empoli,” added the coach. “At this moment, unconsciousness must never leave us. The pitch will tell us what game we will play. It is not my personal challenge. It is everyone’s challenge. We all win together and we all lose together. The team worked well.”

“I don’t know who Juric will play. They have good players with legs and technicians,” he said referring to Toro. On the formation, however, the Juventus coach is not unbalanced “Kean? With Maccabi he did not have his chance, because he had a discomfort in finishing. Tomorrow I have to choose two of Milik, Vlahovic and Kean. Paredes? I have not yet chosen the formation . Paredes arrived and made himself available immediately and it is not certain that he will not play tomorrow. It is not just Paredes but it is a question of the whole team. You have to take one step at a time. One thing we have missed are the goals we have conceded. . All situations in which we conceded goals from the counterattack and it is not a physical question but of attention when we play the defensive phase “he concluded.