Descalzi: “Eni ahead in transition, we have commitments to be transparent”

The CEO of the energy group: “We must give renewables time to grow”

“Eni has been following a global path since the end of 2014, having felt the need to find alternatives to the collapse of oil and gas prices, alternatives that we have sought in technologies and products with lower CO2 content. But this is also a cultural transition, we have more than 1000 researchers and 7 research centers, even if R&D is a long process while we have a time to market of 3.5 years “. The CEO underlines this. by Eni Claudio Descalzi, at the presentation in Rome of the World Energy Outlook of the International Energy Agency (Iea).

“After 7 years, this evolution has led us to make specific commitments on carbon neutrality by 2050 with intermediate steps to allow us to be monitored transparently from the outside”, Descalzi underlined, underlining that Eni focuses on “proprietary technologies that allow us to go to beyond the electrification “also because the node sometimes” is with what the electricity is produced “. “We must give renewables time to grow”.

“The world is not applying a carbon tax: carbon pricing is only European, because we do things very seriously. But if we can’t ask African countries to tax their emissions” which in any case weigh about 2% of the global total , then – suggests Descalzi – “we ask the USA, China, India and Russia to have carbon pricing levels like ours, because they are essential for balanced trade”. Otherwise we Europeans “would have much more energy by paying the carbon tax”, while imports would come from partners who have “much lower prices”.

“The richest countries, with the highest CO2 emissions, have a responsibility to lead the transition as they have the resources to invest in new technologies,” he concludes.