Descalzi: “In 2025, 100% of Russian gas will be replaced”

Eni’s CEO: “If we want to achieve energy security, I think we should have another four regasification plants to be safe”

Russian gas will be completely replaced in 2025. This is what Eni’s managing director Claudio Descalzi said during ‘Lombardy 2030’. “We started immediately in February to seek diversification based on what we had in portfolio in Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and the USA”. “The problem has been solved – he added – because we are able to cover 50% of Russian gas with 21/23 billion cubic meters and in 2025 100% will be replaced”. “2023 will be a complex year – he added – because we will have 6/7% of Russian gas and we will have to be able to count on the LNG that will arrive by ship”. “Infrastructures are needed – he underlined – to create an offer that exceeds the demand”.

“We should have another 4 regasification terminals”

Descalzi then explained that “if we want to achieve energy security with an overabundance of gas, in my opinion we should have another four regasification plants to be calm”. “We must increase storage by at least 6-7 billion cubic meters, it is the basis of energy security”, added the CEO of Eni, underlining that “the South can be the site of regasification, but we must unblock the lines that from the South they come to the North, because their capacity is very low”.