Desirée sings the intensity of feelings in We Are The Equator: the video

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We are the equator is my first song recorded by an independent artist, an electronic Pop ballad with summer and fluid sounds where I looked for to bring all the emotions and sensuality of love from my teenage female perspective. My message is mainly aimed at those who do recognizes in intense love, those who seek to live the experiences of one relationship in the deepest way possible, putting emotions at the center of life rather than logic. The video clip was made with footage in the Chromakey Room of Corrado Productions, directed by Ermanno

Corrado who is also the arranger of the piece, and is played on the contrasts of singing while I’m standing and while I’m in bed, a place that symbolizes the most intimate part of a relationship. My images as I play the song flow and overlap quickly, with digital inserts where red, a symbol of love and passion, animates my body as an energy that creates a new being compared to the normal dimension of when you don’t share. a story.

I want to tell all the girls to love each other, because each one is special and can be special for a boy or another girl. It is not the body that projects us into a dream condition, but it is the intensity of what we desire and we are able to convey because this is what always turns into something magical for ourselves and for those around us. The text provided me with the fertile ground to enhance my perceptions and my essence, conveying in the video the youthful thoughts on the desire to discover and get to know each other in order to be happy together. In the chorus there are the words “From Boreal to Antarctica”, a geographical metaphor that contains the greatest truth of the universe since no boundary can ever limit the infinite dimension of a true feeling. My message is very direct: it is a hymn to live reality intensely, not to be afraid to love and to have one’s own experiences, always keeping the heart as the only compass of love, a feeling that must always be reciprocated in a sincere and absolute.

My greatest artistic goal is to communicate the importance of living feelings by not remaining closed in on themselves but by sharing them with others in reality and not only on social networks, in friendship as in a relationship. Hope this is what it can reach all of me, with my songs that become a mirror in which

receive reflected trust and love towards oneself and those around us in life.

Since the age of 11 I have been studying Jazz Singing at the Taranto Conservatory but I also love listening to the music of my peers because it expresses the world in which I live and relate. As an Artist I am lucky enough to be followed by Sonos Music Records (Maffucci Music) which in the future will also publish my first Album.