Destiny 2, Bungie announces collaboration with BioWare

Elements of Mass Effect make their debut in the game, awaiting new expansions and special events

Bungie recently announced a collaboration with Electronic Arts and BioWare, which will arrive soon in Destiny 2. Starting February 13, 2024, players will have the opportunity to explore new content inspired by the Mass Effect universe, thanks to this partnership. The central element of this collaboration is the Normandy Crew Pack, available in the Destiny 2 Eververse Emporium. This pack includes three new thematic armor sets: the Commander Shepard set for titans, inspired by the famous N7; the Vakarian set for hunters, in homage to Garrus; and the Shadow Chief set for warlocks, linked to the character of Liara. In addition to these, players will be able to access unique items such as the Enhanced Defense Shell, Alliance Reconnaissance Frigate, and Alliance Dropship, along with the Omnidirectional Strike finishing move and the Flux Dance emote.

Meanwhile, Destiny 2 will introduce new content called “Riven’s Wishes,” a series of weekly quests available until March 12. These missions offer players the chance to earn special tokens, which can be exchanged for rewards such as Deep Sight weapons and exotic Eclipse gear. At the same time, the Moments of Triumph event is available from January 30th to June 3rd. This event allows players to complete a series of Triumphs in honor of the final year of Destiny 2, with exclusive rewards such as the Moments of Triumph T-shirt and the “Paracausal Adventure” patch. Looking ahead, Destiny 2 is preparing to welcome the Guardian Games in March and the Path to the Light expansion in April. Finally, the long-awaited expansion The Ultimate Form, releasing on June 4, 2024, promises to take players to the heart of the Traveler and conclude the decades-long saga of Light and Darkness.