Detassis: “Greetings Lucherini 90 years, you invented the press agent”

Happy birthday from the Italian Cinema Academy

“The Academy wishes a wonderful birthday to #EnricoLucherini, for his first 90 years”. This is what he writes Piera Detassispresident ofItalian Cinema Academy David di Donatello Awardsin a post on Instagram, recalling that “Enrico Lucherini, who turns 90 today, is the king of Press Agents, a profession that he invented in Italy alongside the greatest and most pop directors. He launched cinema, especially Italian, always with a hint of suspense, great kindness and infinite cruelty if he needed it. He is also the king of Hyperbole (as a well-read column about him was called), of the lie pulled up to the last minute to save or celebrate a film or a protagonist “.

Detassi continues: “It has been wonderful, over many years, to see him at work, to learn from him what cinema was in its bright and dark sides, maybe laugh about it together, but always in the glory of a popular art. Enrico is a legend who has taught everyone, journalists and not, how to construct news, how to immerse yourself in the real world, in the pulsating flesh of cinema, of all kinds, with enthusiasm, without barriers. Other than the king of Gossip, Enrico is the aristocracy of our cinema. Thanks and best wishes! “.