“Devastating result, it went very badly”: the background revealed by Maria De Filippi

Just recently, Maria De Filippi has let herself go to a truly unthinkable background: no one would have ever imagined it.

She is, without a doubt, the queen of Italian television. We are talking about Maria De Filippi. Currently at the helm of Men and Women and the twenty-first edition of Amici, the presenter boasts the conduct of many successful programs. Starting, therefore, from È Posta per te, whose new edition will start on January 8th, up to Amici Celebreties or Amici Speciali, De Filippi has been the backbone of many and different broadcasts.

Maria De Filippi has revealed an incredible background: no one would have said it. Photo Source: Instagram

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The career of Maria De Filippi, we know it very well, it started many years ago. And, since that moment, it has never stopped. Each transmission signed and conceived by her proves to be a success. It is precisely for this reason that none of us would have ever imagined that the presenter has also experienced ‘failures’. To reveal everything in the smallest detail, it was the direct interested party recently. “Devastating result, it went very badly”, explained Maria De Filippi. Underlining, therefore, how the situation was truly tragic at the time. Ready to discover together the background what are we talking about? Do we think about it immediately?

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The background revealed by Maria De Filippi: incredible, no one would have said it

“Have you ever made a mistake”, this is precisely the exact question that, during a very recent episode of Amici’s Daytime, LDA asked the hostess. Precise and punctual, was the response of Maria De Filippi. Most likely for the first time ever, the presenter revealed to the young Neapolitan singer a background completely unpublished, but also unimaginable!

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To date, all the programs of Maria De Filippi record incredible shares and successes. Apparently, however, this has not always been the case. According to what we learn from her story, it would seem that, years ago, the presenter thought of a program. And that this, after only the first episode, recorded some ratings that were not at all happy. “I once did a program that I really believed in, it was aired by three months”, began to tell. Continuing, then, to say that the time to work on it was very little, but that she had still chosen to go on the air. Unfortunately, the result was not in his favor at all. “It went very badly. It was devastating “, he concluded.

background De Filippi
Photo Source: Instagram

Tell us the truth: would you ever have imagined such a background?