Di Battista: “High possibility of elections in April”

“I always thought people were going to vote in 2023, today I don’t know anymore”

I thought we were going to vote in 2023, now I don’t know anymore“. Alessandro Di Battista said it live on social media, in his speech in Scafati, in the province of Salerno, a stage of his tour ‘Su la testa’.” I believe that today the possibility of going to the vote in April 2022 is much higher than a few months ago … We’ll see what happens. ”

“I always thought that people were going to vote in 2023. Today I don’t know anymore, for two reasons. The first: if Draghi ends up as head of state, maybe many people, even in the Five Star Movement, would hope to replace Draghi at Palazzo Chigi for some I do not know if this will happen or not, I do not see it as simple. I therefore believe – and I do not say I fear because going to the vote is not wrong from the point of view of institutional cleansing – that today “we will no longer go to elections in 2023.” Making a move is not easy, we must begin to unite on the battles to be done“.” This electoral law, in my view – he adds – will never change “.

” They tell me ‘make a new movement’ … I think two things. The first: Gianroberto Casaleggio took five years to think about the Five Star Movement together with Grillo in an objectively different phase … The second, we begin to aggregate, to unite … To show many disheartened people that there are people who fights not for personal interest but because he believes in it. Let’s take this path – he concludes -. Will it be a long march? There is no rush, we will see what will happen in these months”.