Di Battista: “Politics is not a profession”. And casts ‘Deploy’

“Association with a horizontal structure, we build projects together”

“Politics is not a profession, professions are different. Thinking of politics as a profession is self-blackmail: one does not take sides so as not to suffer setbacks. If you have the idea of ​​staying in the Palazzo all your life, to defend your job you end up saying yeses that you shouldn’t say and not saying nos that you should say. That’s conformism. But since politics affects all of our lives, compromising is detrimental“. So Alessandro Di Battista on the occasion of the first event, today in Marina di Massa, of the Schierarsi Association of which he is vice president (president Luca Di Giuseppe). The appointment inaugurated the path of the association which will have a “horizontal structure” and it was born “to rebuild civil participation”, says Di Battista.

Taking sides, says Di Battista, will be “a tool for building territorial groups and build projects together, organize activities, we leave the chatter to other realities. We will see. From a project, consensus is built on that idea. Then we’ll see, from what comes what, without thinking about candidacies and forming political parties or movements. Many today recognize my credibility, no one can deny that I have always behaved well and if there is a need to leave the institutions to respect certain values, it is done” but “let’s take clear positions, which are not Christian Democrats, let’s take sides”.

“I invite people to join because it’s nice to build an association that lives thanks to the members, and to develop ideas”, continues Di Battista, “in my opinion it’s nice and I’m available as a megaphone to carry on battles and take the powerful head on on duty”.

The association “aims to involve groups of citizens in the construction of proposals and projects in the interest of the country. The name of the association was not chosen at random – reads the finger of the association – we live in a period history of great conformity and now is the time to take clear positions on national and global issues. Words such as sustainability, peace, self-determination of peoples and the fight against organized crime represent the heart of the actions in which the association is engaged”.

Some examples of projects to build together? “Building a project for a public pharmaceutical company, the idea came to us after Covid: there are countries in the world where this has been done”, proposes Alessandro Di Battista. “We can write a bill together to force pharmacies to have medicines in bulk, can it be done? It saves money, cuts waste, is good for the environment. I think this used to work like this in Italy. This can be done” , Di Battista relaunches. “If you want to join us – he concludes – get on board and let’s go”.