Di Bella: “Well done Diaco, Bella But dedicated to the war, an example of public service”

The host: “Today was an experiment, Rai has the duty to explain to young people what is happening in the Middle East”

“Today’s experience on Diaco’s program was a very interesting and public service experience. It’s an experiment that reminded me a lot of a program I saw in America on ABC in 1990 which explained the first war to 10-year-old children of the Gulf which had just exploded. It’s something that has never been done in Italy, Diaco didn’t know it, I told him and I embraced the idea with great enthusiasm”. Thus the former historic Rai director Antonio of Bella at Adnkronos, commenting on her speech today on ‘Bella Ma’, the generational show broadcast every day from 3.25pm ​​to 5pm on Rai 2, hosted by Pierluigi Diaco, where together with the director of Adnkronos Davide Desario and the correspondent of Tg2 in Tel Aviv Leonardo Zellino, who returned from Israel this morning, answered ‘Generation Z’ questions about what is happening in the Middle East.

”It seemed to me to be a very interesting and public service thing to be able to answer simple, direct and calm questions without having to argue – underlines Di Bella – it was very courageous to even abolish the second part of the program which had to be lighter to be able to deal with such an important topic. On television – highlights Di Bella – talk shows are often reduced to very quick squabbles in which many things are taken for granted, however in this program there were also very simple questions such as ‘what is the difference between Sunnis and Shiites ‘ and ‘what is the history of Israel’ and ‘how did the State of Israel come about’. Very simple things that need to be answered in a very delicate way but where nothing is taken for granted”.

”In this way – adds Di Bella – we can discuss and avoid brawls and stadium atmospheres and this is an important step forward for public service. Honor to Diaco who had the courage to do it ”. ”Today was an experiment – Diaco tells Adnkronos – Rai, as a public service, has the duty to explain the war to younger people. I thank all of Rai for making this page possible in a usually light-hearted program that humbly tries to bring joy into the homes of Italians every day”.

(by Alisa Toaff)