Di Maio: “I love Beppe Grillo, but we took different paths”

The EU special representative for the Persian Gulf on Beppe Grillo: “He represents a fundamental figure in my life, but everyone has taken their own path with different ideas”. Then on the conflicts raging in the world: “Russia’s attack on Ukraine was deliberate and unprovoked. In the Middle East we are talking about Hamas, a terrorist organization, they are two different things”

Guest on the program In half an hour on Rai 3 Luigi di Maio addressed various topics, including his relationship with the founder of the 5 Star Movement Beppe Grillo: “I haven’t heard from him for a long time but the good that I loved him, mutually, is absolutely unchanged. He continues to love me and represents a fundamental figure in my life. Then everyone took their own path with different ideas, but it concerns the present and the future.” Precisely on his future, the former M5S added: “I am not thinking about politics either for now or for the future. On a political and European level there is nothing to expect at all, but I say this in general because the 27 member countries ‘The European Union have entrusted me with this task until 2025 which is totally incompatible with political actions.”

“When the bombs speak it is difficult for the EU to intervene”

The current special representative of the European Union for the Persian Gulf also expressed his opinion on the conflict between Israel and Hamas (LIVE UPDATES): “Let’s remember that Israel is still under the missiles starting from Gaza at the moment and is managing this phase But I believe it is a duty of international diplomacy to work on building a path for de-escalation and peace. On the one hand there are the Arab countries on this and on the other I believe that President Biden’s message was very significant who said, ‘Try not to repeat our mistakes after 9/11.'” Di Maio again on Rai 3: “Among the main objectives of the EU is support for Israel and its right to defend itself, defend civilians, free hostages, allow humanitarian pauses and prevent the conflict from expanding. On this point, the axis between Saudi Arabia and Iran is fundamental. There had been a period of normalization – for example with the Abraham Accords – and this process also built channels between Saudi Arabia and Israel before the Hamas attack. These channels are still there and we saw it yesterday. We must avoid the conflict from spreading. I still see the conditions for managing and preventing the conflict from spreading. When the bombs speak, it is increasingly difficult for the European Union but we are making a major effort to avoid the escalation of the conflict and to defend civilians. We have tripled humanitarian aid for the Palestinians and supported humanitarian pauses as first steps. We must proceed with small steps, aware that there is an ongoing drama “. Then a thought for Ukraine: “I believe that it is not possible to imagine changing our support for Ukraine. It is a clear position of the EU, and of the USA. Russia’s attack against Ukraine was deliberate and unprovoked. In the Middle East we talk about Hamas being a terrorist organization, they are two different things.”

“Goodbye to M5S due to positions on Ukraine”

But where does Di Maio’s current political position fit? “I am now placed at most in Brussels or in the Gulf and the limits of my mandate do not allow me to express things of this kind and I cannot answer. More generally – said the former five-star member – I can say that it is over for me it was political with the last elections.” Recalling his decision to say goodbye to the 5 Star Movement, Di Maio commented: “That choice came because I had a different idea about the Draghi government and the position to take on Ukraine. I probably changed my mind, compared to my friends and party colleagues. But then the Italians were very clear about that choice and at the polls we got not even 1% and when results like this arrive in the elections it is better to avoid therapeutic fury”.